Trainings offered:

  • Technical – preferred for Developers, Architects and Team leads.
  • Functional – preferred for Business analysts.

Pre requisites for Technical training

  • Should be proficient in Java, J2EE
  • Comfortable with respect to coding in Spring.
  • Should be able to write SQL queries..
  • Should be familiar with Object Relational Mapping (ORM)..
  • Should be able to write DDLs (Data definition Language) for Data Modeling.

Pre requisites for Functional Training

  • Should know the basics of the ecommerce/digital domain.
  • Ideally should have worked on a similar framework..
  • Common Functions : catalog, users, cart, order management, consoles, cockpits etc provided by the hybris API will be taught..
  • More emphasis on functional part with a high level overview on technical points..

Important: As of April 1st all Hybris certifications will be integrated within SAP certification process, the core and commerce exams will be merge into the ‘SAP hybris Commerce Developer’ certification, but all previously acquired certifications would still be valid. We will at Hybhub pass this new certification and release a new exam handouts for this certification.

First question you should ask yourself is: do I need to pass a certification ? The answer is yes, with such a certification you will find plenty of job opportunities, you will feel confident about your Hybris knowledges and even if you think you are an Hybris guru you might learn a lot of things along the way.

Hybris Core Developer Certification is the entry level for Hybris Developers (more info here). In order to get ready for the final exam you will need ~ 2 months (assuming you have a full time job).

Training plan

  • week 1 to 4 : Hybris Trail
  • week 5 and 6 : Mini project
    • Create a new store from the accelerator
    • Customized the Product and Customer data model
    • Create new populators and update the UI
    • Create a new customized CMS component, that displays a random product carousel
    • Create a new theme, and change the layout
  • week 7 and 8 : spend 1 to 2 days on each individual topics

Training material and sample exam

SAP Hybris V6 Developer Certification Study Guide