Why HybHub ?

HybHub stands for Hybris Hub, we want to build a hub for high quality Hybris training materials and a directory for consultants


We provide online, digital and on site Hybris training, to prepare your team to get ready for Hybris exams ! We have 5+ years of experience in Hybris and Java development for various company.

Digital training book for Hybris core exam


We help you to get started with your first Hybris project, solving design problems, proposals, full software designs and code reviews.

Hybris consulting


We have experience troubleshooting issues for Hybris in production (Linux, Cluster, Mysql, Oracle). We can install our Hybris monitoring templates (Nagios + JMX).

Production platform review

How to get the books ?

Simply add each product into your cart, once you have completed the payment using Paypal, you will be able to download a PDF from this shop.

If you encounter any issues during this process, please feel free to contact us, we would send it manually of needed.

What else do I get ?

When you buy one ebook, you’ll get every updates for free, we release a new version approximately every 2 months.