The Cluster Backoffice for SAP H[y]bris is here to help you to monitor and manage your nodes.


  • Automatically detects new nodes and start collecting data using Java Management Extension (JMX)
  • Collects data for CPU, Memory, Threads, Tasks. New collectors can be easily added
  • Each node can be remotely restarted directly from the Cluster Backoffice
Cluster Backoffice Nodes Management
Cluster Backoffice Nodes Management

Configuration Comparaison

  • Compare the runtime configuration on every node of your cluster
Cluster Backoffice Configuration Comparaison
Cluster Backoffice Configuration Comparaison


  • Add the plugin extension on every node you want to monitor
  • Deploy the backoffice extension on your backoffice server
  • Configure your cluster so nodes can access each other using JMX

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