Tested with Hybris v5.7.0
Do not try things on production
Admin account needed

In this tutorial we will see how to activate and use the backoffice with Hybris. We will use the ‘next generation’ backoffice cockpit to create a new product into the staging catalog, then synchronize the catalog and finally access the newly created product within the store front

Hybris backoffice login

First you need to add the ‘backoffice’ extension into your ‘localextensions.xml’ (located at /YOUR_HYBRIS_DIR/hybris/config/localextensions.xml) and add :

<extension name='backoffice' />

You need to update your system :

ant clean all updatesystem

You can now access the backoffice : http://localhost:9001/backoffice/login.zul
Replace localhost with your Hybris domain name or ip address if it’s not a local server !

Use the admin account (admin/nimda) to login.

Hybris backoffice add product

Now we will create a new product, go under Catalog->Products and click on ‘+ Product’. Fill all information (for example, id : mynewproduct, approval : approved, Catalog : ElectronicsProductCatalog:staged). Click on next.

Add an identifier (mynewproduct) and a description (mydescription) then click next.

Select a super category (Camera Accessories & Supplies [585] – Electronics Product Catalog : Staged) then click on done !

Hybris backoffice synch catalogs

Let’s synchronize the staged catalog version with the online catalog version, to do so go under Catalog->Catalog Versions. Select the ‘Electronics Product Catalog : Staged’. Click on catalog synchronisation (right under the catalog name there are a bunch of icons, look for the synchronization one).

Select the right job (supposedly only one would be available on a default installation) ‘sync electronicsProductCatalog:Staged->Online’, then next. Keep all configuration by default and click on start.

Hybris backoffice synch catalogs

Now it’s time to access the newly created product, simply go to https://localhost:9002/yacceleratorstorefront/p/mynewproduct?site=electronics

Replace localhost with your Hybris domain name or ip address if it’s not a local server !